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Brigitte Gabriel defends Angela Merkel’s burqa ban: It’s a ‘sign of radicalism in the community’

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The burqa worn by Muslim women is not just an item of clothing but can be seen as a sign of “radicalism.”

Conservative author and activist Brigitte Gabriel called the garment a “sign of radicalism in the community.”

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“The more you see burqas on the street, the more you realize the community is infected with terrorism and it’s the beginning signs of radicalism,” she said Tuesday on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.”

Gabriel, founder of the political organization ACT for America, discussed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call for a ban on the Muslim burqa. Seeking to be reelected to a fourth term, Merkel’s change of heart comes after she welcomed thousands of Muslim refugees into the country last year with no ban on Islamic clothing.

“Angela Merkel realizes she has a problem and she needs to fix this problem to be reelected,” Gabriel said. “She is also recognizing that the whole multiculturalism thing does not work.”

It has now become “very clear” to Western nations, especially European nations, that “the Muslims who are immigrating are not assimilating,” Gabriel noted.

She disagreed with a previous guest on the show, from a Texas branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, that banning burqas violates a woman’s religious liberty.

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“This has nothing to do with freedom of religion,” Gabriel countered, explaining how women in our societies have an identity and are treated as equal citizens with men.

However, “a burqa renders a woman basically nonexistent,” she said. “She is invisible.”

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