Congressman Issa gets into heated exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo over illegals voting

Rep. Darrell Issa got into a heated exchange with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Monday over illegal immigrants voting in the U.S.

…though neither would actually put a name to it, opting to call it “illegal voting” instead.

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The California Republican stressed there is a “huge problem in getting elections accurate,” prompting a skeptical Cuomo to challenge him.

“So you believe that millions of people voted illegally? You believe that?” the CNN anchor said.

“I’m going to hold you to your facts,” Issa replied. “You said dozens or handfuls. We all know out of 320 million Americans, it wasn’t dozens or handfuls.”

The two went back and forth over just how pervasive the problem of illegal voting is.

“Chris, I love you, but you’re in fact talking about dozens and saying, out of 320 million Americans, it is a lot more than dozens,” Issa said at one point. “In my own state, in my own election, I had a pair of ballots where obviously a spouse voted for their dead husband. The fact is, illegal voting goes on. The question really is, are we going to restore confidence?”

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Playing off of Issa’s point on accurate elections, Cuomo told Issa he would send him studies hat back up his claim of much smaller numbers.

“I will send you several studies on this because I will return the love that you have for me by giving you the information,” Cuomo said. “Because if we want accuracy in the system, we should start with how we describe that system as well.”

Never mind that a former ICE agent said last week that out of more than a 1,000 arrests of illegal aliens he had arrested, close to 100  — 10 percent — had voter registrations cards on them.

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