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‘Supergirl’ Kellyanne and Trump surprise crowd – show up to ‘Heroes and Villains’ party dressed up

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Donald Trump’s wily campaign manager Kellyanne Conway faked out media outlets by saying she’d be attending the lavish Mercer “Heroes and Villains” party on Long Island dressed as Trump advisor Stephen Bannon — whom the left claims to be a villain.

She showed up as a comely hero instead — DC Comics Supergirl.

Trump did double duty. He arrived as every conservatives’ favorite hero, and every liberals’ favorite villain– himself. Conway tweeted:

The party was hosted by hedge fund manager Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer. who are both strong Trump supporters, according to The Hill, which reported:

Conway had told Bloomberg she would be dressing as controversial Trump adviser and incoming White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who she said she believes is a hero to everybody except the media.

Trump arrived at the party wearing a dark suit, overcoat and tie, according to pool reports. When asked who he was dressed as, Trump pointed to himself and mouthed, “me.”


The pool of reporters was stationed near the entrance to the Mercer home and described the goings-on as guests arrived.Reuters’ Yeganeh Torbati reported:

Plenty of haters blasted Conway for misleading the press and compared Trump to DC Comics super-villain Lex Luthor

One even found fault in Conway’s description of Supergirl as being “the ultimate hero.” Really? But she was soon corrected.

But Conway and Trump also had their supporters.

One person got his female superheroes mixed up, but loved her all the same.

Another noted that Conway was a superhero in real life.

And still another used the occasion to make a pitch for Trump’s upcoming secretary of state pick.

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