‘Patriotism is the new racism’: Guy with #buildthewall shirt brutally harassed by biggest liberal asses ever

An apparent Trump supporter sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with the hashtag #BuildTheWall was harassed relentlessly by a couple of California liberals who took offense.

The rude and obnoxious trolls berate the man, Nathan Morton, as he sits quietly in his apartment complex clubhouse minding his own business. Morton later explained on his YouTube page that he hangs out in the clubhouse to get work done to avoid being agitated by his neighbors above him.

…only to encounter agitators on steroids!

The young woman, who identifies herself as a Mexican, repeatedly tried to provoke Morton, who is recording the encounter, as she peppered him with personal questions.

He politely asked the pair if they are security and is met with instant aggression from the woman’s over-sized male companion.

“No, you’re a d*ckhead wearing a #BuildTheWall shirt,” the man replied.

Morton asked them to “please” leave him alone, telling them he was not interested in having a political discussion with them.

“Well, of course you don’t. You’re a f***ing Trump supporter, dude,” the big buffoon said. “You don’t wear sh*t like that around here.”

This being the same person who would comically say they approached Morton to have “a meaningful discussion.”

Morton can’t help but break out laughing as the “tolerant” liberals relentlessly attack him. The woman being the bigger antagonist of the two, repeatedly calling him a racist and “an uneducated white guy.”

On and on it goes, with Morton displaying the patience of a saint… a lesser man would have given the bullying trolls exactly what they deserved.

Morton posted his video of the encounter on YouTube (see below), but a social media user also posted a series of video clips on Twitter.

“The tolerant yet truculent left,” the tweet begins.





Tom Tillison


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