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Eric Trump harassed on a 6 hr. flight by Muslim Comedian in seat next to him – brags about exchange

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Mohammed “Mo” Amer sat next to Eric Trump on a 6-hour flight and became that guy who won’t shut up and ruins your trip.

The Muslim-American comedian said he thought Allah had answered his prayers when he found himself seated next to Donald Trump‘s son on a flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Scotland.

Like an annoying groupie, Amer promptly asked Eric for a selfie and posted it on Facebook, along with details of their alleged chat.

“Hey guys heading to Scotland to start the U.K. Tour and I am ‘randomly’ chosen to sit next to none other than Eric Trump,” Amer wrote.


Amer said he thought Allah had intervened to make sure he was seated next to Eric Trump. (Christians are probably thinking that Eric must’ve forgotten to pray to Jesus that day, since his peaceful flight got ruined by a Chatty Kathy.)

“So when I walked into the plane I was like, ‘What is this?’ This is obviously from Allah,” Amer told BuzzFeed. “Allah is just trying to hook me up right now. That’s what’s happening.”

Amer apparently hounded Trump with inane questions about his father’s proposal to protect Americans against radical Islamic terrorism.

Amer bragged that he told Eric he won’t get an ID card to identify himself as Muslim. (Earth to Mohammed: You don’t need to get an ID card because you’re already an American citizen).

Like other clueless people who oppose Trump’s policies, Mo Amer said he did not vote during this election.

“And I said – just FYI I’m not getting that ID sh*t done,” Amer said in reference to a proposed registry for immigrants from Muslim countries roiled by Islamic terrorism. “You gonna really make my people get ID cards and all this? You know we’re not doing this sh*t.”

A somber reminder of why it matters:

Amer said at one point, Eric defended his dad by saying what any loving son would: “He’s a good man. He’s really really great.”

Eric ordered pork chops but fell asleep without eating dinner, probably because he was exhausted after being harangued. (I would’ve ordered pork chops, a bacon platter, and a pulled pork sandwich).

Amer then said other passengers came over and rudely took pictures of a sleeping Eric. “[They] were taking selfies with him while he was sleeping. It was really f*cked up,” Amer recounted.

Despite the fact that Eric Trump was nice enough to take a selfie with him and talk to him ad nauseum, Amer still trashed him: “I just felt he was a robot … He also seemed disconnected from the reality of race attacks and violence.”

Of course, Mo Amer made no reference to the violence against Christians by Muslims, the oppression of women in most Muslim countries, or the Muslim rape epidemic roiling Europe.

While trying to dismiss Eric Trump as a spoiled, out-of-touch rich guy, Amer didn’t even point out the surprising fact that Eric took a COMMERCIAL FLIGHT even though he’s a millionaire who’s the son of a billionaire and the president-elect of the United States.

Note to Eric for the next time he flies commercial: Make sure you take your bodyguards with you to keep stalkers from yapping your ear off.

(screencap: DailyMail)

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