Atheists use Trump slogan to target Christmas, and get people to ‘skip church’

“Make Christmas great again,” one message proclaims in a parody to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. “Skip church.”

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‘Tis the season — not only to celebrate Christ’s birth and bring family together but also to bring the nuts out in protest of one of the holiest seasons of the Christian calendar.

In this case, the “nuts” belong to a national group calling itself American Atheists, and they’re posting their message on billboards across the country in an attempt to stir the pot.

“And part of stirring the pot is getting that conversation going,” Nick Fish, American Atheists‘ national program director told KSLA Channel 12 News, Shreveport, Louisiana.

“There are atheists in the community, there are people who don’t believe in God.”

There are also people who worship animals and trees, but they don’t try to foist those beliefs on the public-at-large.

“You don’t have to be religious, you don’t have to believe in God to be a good person,” Fish said. “And we want to use humor, we want to use a little bit of people driving by these billboards and say, ‘Wait, what did that just say?’”

The question is, is it just Christmas they’re targeting, or will they go after Hanukah — or Ramadan? Apparently not.

“We celebrate Christmas pretty much the same way everyone else does,” Fish said. “We have a tree. We give gifts. We have big meal. We hang out with the people that we love.

“Those things have nothing to do with religion. Christianity and religion do not have a monopoly on having a great meal and spending time with people you love,” he explained.

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