Annual holiday party for fashion industry cancelled over Trump win; Hillary-themed invites tossed

One of the fashion industry’s biggest holiday parties has been cancelled because Donald Trump won the presidential election.

James La Force and his husband Stephen Henderson printed their party invitations in advance of the election and it had a smiling Hillary Clinton in a Santa hat on the front with the slogan “Make America Merry Again,” in anticipation of her victory.

But those invitations became useless after Trump reigned victorious on Election Day.

“So confident we were of her victory, we designed and printed the attached invitation before Nov. 8th,” the hosts wrote, according to fashion website WWD who obtained a copy of the invitation.

Photo credit WWD.
Photo credit WWD.

Now the annual party has been cancelled and the couple has decided to take their party budget and donate it to Planned Parenthood, Housing Works, and The Stonewall Foundation.

But, the couple promised, “There are more parties to come, too … just not in 2016.”

Photo credit WWD.
Photo credit WWD.

And that’s good news, particularly for people who don’t feel like it’s the holidays until they are clad in leather and S & M bondage gear like revelers wore at the couple’s 2014 party at New York leather bar “The Eagle.”

Finally Getting In The Holiday Mood @laforcestevens ? Jim LaForce ❤️

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But while these Hollywood liberals have had their holidays ruined, others think “It’s The Most Wonderful Time In Eight Years.”

No one on social media seemed to care about the fashion party’s cancellation either.

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