Media freakout over Trump taking call from Taiwan leads to one hilarious tweet

With the media leading the charge, President-elect Donald Trump‘s detractors have been trying to make hay over a congratulatory call from the president of Taiwan.

Trump announced on Twitter Friday that he took a call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, which would be a big departure from America’s established “one China” policy in place since 1979. There are no formal diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Tiawan as a result of the policy, which is based on recognizing China’s claim that Taiwan is part of its country.

And while CNN reported early Saturday that China’s foreign ministry said it has lodged a complaint with the U.S. over the controversial phone call, China-based N.Y. Times business reporter Sui-Lee Wee shared on Twitter that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed the incident as a “small action.”

As for the media freakout, when they can’t even get former Obama administration staffer Bill Burton on board, that may be an early sign of overkill.

Twitchy noted that Burton, who served a deputy White House press secretary, let his skepticism be known on Twitter — of course, if anyone was paying attention to what Trump said on the campaign trail, Burton’s revelation would come as no surprise:

Then again, nailed it with what it described as the “perfect tweet in response to the media freakout.”

We agree, it doesn’t get any better than this… now on to more important things.

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Tom Tillison


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