Is this the greatest police recruitment video of all time?

The Fort Worth Police Department is hoping Darth Vader, an Imperial stormtrooper and a great sense of humor will inspire new recruits.

“The Galactic Empire’s second attempt at getting into a Fort Worth Police Academy class,” read the caption on a new recruitment video by the Department featuring a stormtrooper repeatedly missing a target.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” the stormtrooper complained when the instructing officer told him to stop jerking the trigger. The officer then showed off perfect aim with his own gun.

The stormtrooper continued to miss as he drew closer and closer to the goal, finally landing a hit when he was practically face to face with the target.

The video concluded with an invitation to “Join our force – if you have what it takes to be a Fort Worth Police Officer and are a better aim than a Stormtrooper.”

Darth Vader even made an appearance in the video which has been viewed over nine million times since it was first posted on Friday. It has also generated over 10,000 comments on Facebook.

The Department released a recruitment video last year featuring Darth Vader being interviewed.

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