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The geniuses on ‘The View’ are upset about Trump-Carrier deal, but they were ok with Obama-Iran deal?

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Leave it to the harpies on The View to find fault with President-elect Trump’s deal with Carrier air conditioners to keep 1,000 jobs in the United States.

Weighing in on the topic during their Wednesday show two of the hosts in particular, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, were most skeptical of the deal.

“When America was ‘supposedly great’ it was because we became an industrial nation,” she said. “We created things that the rest of the world wanted. We manufactured stuff.”

But Goldberg, being the economic genius she is, believes the reason jobs left for other nation wasn’t because of stifling regulations and ever increasing union wages, but corporate greed.

“We stopped manufacturing because our jobs were taken to other countries. Why were they taken?” she asked rhetorically. “Because business did not want to pay a working wage to people. They didn’t care if it was a 6-year-old working in that factory or a 93-year-old.”

Behar chimed in with her own reasoning for the dwindling job market in America and managed to sneak her pro-amnesty opinion in with it.

“There’s a factoid someone gave me that said U.S factories currently manufacture twice as much as they did in 1984 with one-third fewer workers,” she said in dispute of Goldberg’s point that America no longer manufactures things. “The problem is that we’re losing jobs to robots not to Mexicans.”

That’s something Behar and her liberal cohorts ought to think about the next time they are pushing businesses to keep increasing wages, or supporting the “fight for $15” for low-skilled jobs.

The hosts got support from an unexpected source in Sarah Palin who blasted the deal in a blistering op-ed because she believed it was “crony capitalism.”

But they and others got an education on why the deal is a brilliant economic move from Fox News’ Eric Bolling.

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And they also got blasted on social media.

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