Cool if HGTV is trolling Buzzfeed for hassling Christian Fixer Upper faves Chip and Joanna Gaines

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Oh, the humanity! HGTV has been under tremendous fire lately for the fact that Buzzfeed recently ‘reported’ that their most popular television show hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, happen to go to a church that teaches the Biblical view of homosexuality.

In any other time, most any television network would have prostrated themselves and begged forgiveness for their “sins.” They wouldn’t have received any, of course,  but they still would have canceled the ‘offending’ show and ruined the careers of the offenders, as happened to David and Jason Benham in 2014 after supposedly ‘anti-gay’ comments by David Benham during a 2012 prayer came to light.

But this is the Age of Trump, folks, and thankfully, the old rules don’t apply.

So, instead of cancelling the Gaines’ show and begging forgiveness, HGTV seems to be doubling-down and even… dare we say it … trolling Buzzfeed?

BuzzFeed’s editor in chief, Ben Smith, insists that the reason Kate Aurthur wrote the original smear piece on Chip and Joanna Gaines was to find out whether or not LGBT couples are allowed to be featured on Fixer Upper.

Turns out, that’s not an issue at all, as Smith himself posted Thursday:

Much ado about nothing at all, of course. When will liberals ever learn?

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