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Man brutally beaten by teenage thugs because they thought he voted for Trump

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It’s the type of hate crime the mainstream media doesn’t pay much attention to.

It occurred when a white man, Robert Barrentine, stood and waited for a bus at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City and was viciously attacked by a gang of teenage thugs, both male and female, Fox 4 KC reported.

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Barrentine said he believed the assault was a racially motivated hate crime based on the assumption that he voted for Donald Trump.

“It was only one guy that was the main instigator,” he said. “He came right up to me and said, ‘Who did you vote for?’”

Robert Barrentine, photo credit Fox KC screenshot.
Robert Barrentine, photo credit Fox KC screenshot.

The victim said he told the hoodlums that he didn’t vote for anyone “because I didn’t,” but quickly got on the defense “because I knew what was coming.”

The gang of thugs punched and kicked him to the point where he had to go to the hospital to have his injuries treated.

Barrentine said he believes the attack was based on his race and on anger at the election of Donald Trump.

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“I believe it’s a hate crime,” he told Fox 4 KC. “That`s all I could think of. I mean, I didn’t know anybody. There was no other reason why. I mean it has to do with Trump and the election.”

The victim actually offered some advice for the parents of the hooligans in an effort to save their future.

“Just invest more in your children,” Barrentine said. “Be concerned with their future because people who practice this kind of stuff don’t have a future to look forward to…”

Police have arrested one of the assailants. A 15-year-old who already has an extensive criminal record that includes an assault and an armed robbery.

Big surprise.

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