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Fox News blasts homemade ‘Blame Game’ scorecared to take a swipe at Obama

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Fox News did not miss a chance to take a swipe at President Obama after he blamed the network for Democrats’ abysmal election results.

Obama pointed the finger at “Fox News in every bar and restaurant” as the reason for his party’s inability to reach blue-collar workers, who turned out for Donald Trump and propelled him to victory.

The Fox News Research team took the president’s comments as an opportunity to remember that after eight years under his administration, the network is “still giving Mr. Obama the blues.”

In Obama’s world, it has always been someone else’s fault, from his predecessor to a news network. For a man who spent so much time being self-obsessed, he never seemed to take a good look in the mirror.

Twitter users weighed in on the failure of Obama and his Party to recognize the source of their problems.

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Frieda Powers


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