Trump tweet suggests jail for flag-burners; freaked-out libs forget that HILLARY introduced that already

Donald Trump took his love for the American flag to an uncomfortable level for many on Tuesday morning.

Not at all appreciative of those who chose to express their angst with America by burning the flag, Trump tweeted that there should be consequences for those who chose to burn Old Glory as a form of protest.

Trump’s tweet came after a bout with CNN over their news coverage. And you better believe, the network was ready to pounce on Trump’s flag burning comment. But it was also likely sparked by news that a Massachusetts college chose to ban the American flag after students reportedly burned it in protest.

Veterans came out in mass to protest the university’s decision, and the patriotic scene created a news sensation.

CNN suddenly became the late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s biggest fan and used a clip of the late Justice to condemn Trump’s remark.

While Trump’s comment left many dismayed and confused, the fact that CNN was suddenly using Scalia’s comments to attack the president-elect had some seeing red:

But while Hillary supporters moan about president-elect Trump, they were likely unaware that punishing flag burners was law proposed by their favored presidential nominee in 2005.


“The Flag Protection Act of 2005” was introduced by Sens. Clinton and Robert Bennett. The law would have outlawed flag burning, and called for a punishment of one year in jail and a whopping fine of $100,000, according to Wikipedia.

The law never saw the time of day and wasn’t even considered by Congress.


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