Trump blasts CNN shill for calling him a ‘sore winner’ – evening tweets create ‘Do your job!’ standoff

Donald Trump isn’t taking the presidential election recount lying down, and used Twitter to vent his frustration.

The president-elect retweeted several followers who agree with an earlier claim by Trump that millions of illegal votes were cast to tip the popular vote in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Trump’s claim didn’t come out of thin air, as a voter advocacy group announced it verified that three millions illegal immigrants voted in the election.

But that didn’t stop CNN’s Jeff Zeleny from piling on the bias Monday night.

Trump went after Zeleny, who reported on “Anderson Cooper 360” that Trump was showing signs of being a “sore winner.”

Zeleny promptly responded with a tweet of his own, saying bring on the evidence:

To which Trump fired, and blasted CNN as a biased network.

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Nicole Haas

Nicole Haas

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Nicole Haas

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