Melania Trump threatens to sue over ‘autistic son’ video, letter calls Rosie O’Donnell bully for sharing it

Melania Trump is threatening to sue the person who posted a profanity-laced YouTube video suggesting her son, Barron, is autistic.

…and the letter crafted by her attorneys also called out Rosie O’Donnell for being a bully in sharing that video, according to TMZ, which has obtained a copy of the letter.

Melania’s lawyer Charles J. Harder, of Harder Mirell & Abrams LLP in Los Angeles, spoke with Us Weekly and said the video is a form of harassment and bullying.

“This law firm represents First Lady–elect Melania Trump and her 10-year-old son, Barron Trump. A video was posted on YouTube recently speculating that Barron might be autistic. He is not,” Harder said.

Meanwhile, the person responsible for the video, James Hunter, said it’s all a big misunderstanding and that he was only trying to stop people from bullying Barron Trump.

Hunter, who suffers from autism, highlighted certain physical characteristics Barron displayed, such as clapping without touching his hands and awkward movements while sitting, to suggest it may be signs of autism.

After being contacted by Trump’s attorneys, Hunter said Monday he will remove the video and issue an apology, according to Us Weekly.

“This video will be deleted in 24 hours and I will publish a full retraction and apology to Melania and Barron Trump.” Hunter promised.

“I never ever meant this as a bullying video,” he added. “As someone who was diagnosed at age 5 and has gone through bullying myself, I would NEVER do something like that. I made this because I truly believed Barron was on the spectrum, and I wanted people to stop bullying him over his ‘weird’ behavior and explain to them that it might actually be due to a condition. … I have a great respect for [Melania] and her family. I never meant to hurt anyone.”

As for Rosie, who has a 3-year-old daughter with autism, she felt the wrath of angry parents after sharing the video on social media. But she claimed her actions came “from the heart” and was not a continuation of her ongoing feud with Trump.

In effect, she said she meant well.

“When I saw the anti-bullying video that mentioned Barron, it spoke to the symptoms many ASD kids have,” she said. “It was educational and informational.”

Tom Tillison


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