Ex-MSNBC host Touré jumps at the chance to throw a grenade at Trump and it explodes in his face

It looks like failed MSNBC host Toure Neblett and Tim Kaine get their fake news from the same place.

Shortly after Muslim Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan stabbed and mowed down 11 people at Ohio State University with a car, Toure wondered when Donald Trump would comment on the “OSU shooter.”

The only problem is, Artan attacked his victims with a butcher knife and a car — not a gun.


Toure jumped at the chance to throw a grenade at Trump and it exploded in his face!


And Twitter was quick to point out those FACTS as Toure and mainstream media tried to spin the OSU terrorist attack as yet another example of gun violence.

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What’s shocking is that Toure (who’s married to Lebanese-American writer Rita Nakouzi) is considered a “journalist.”


He even had his own show on MSNBC before being fired for tweeting comments that were widely slammed as insensitive to Holocaust victims.


It wasn’t just Toure who was quick to conclude that the OSU attack was gun-related.

Senator Tim Kaine, the former vice presidential running mate of Hillary Clinton, tweeted his sadness at the OSU “gun violence.”


Kaine was lambasted on Twitter for spreading the “fake news” to his 407,000 followers.

But at least Kaine responded to the OSU attack. President Obama and Hillary Clinton haven’t even acknowledged the incident.


In contrast, President-elect Donald Trump responded by praising and thanking the First Responders and expressing his condolences to the 11 victims.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the students and administration,” Trump wrote on Facebook.

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