Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker says Trump choices are a ‘who’s who of really despicable people’

Add Mark Hamill to the growing stockpile of celebrity pundits whose political opinions actual voters don’t care about.

The actor who played Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker slammed President-elect Donald Trump‘s Cabinet choices as a basket of despicables.


Hamill, who was shilling his new hosting gig of a Comic-Con showcase for fans, said he’s glad his temp job distracts him from the horrors of the election.

“I’m in total denial,” Hamill told the Daily Beast. “I’m glad I have [the show] to take my mind off what’s going on. Because if you look at what’s being assembled for our government it’s like, yikes! It’s a who’s who of really despicable people.”

Trump’s Cabinet nominees include:

  • Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff
  • Mike Pompeo as CIA Director
  • Jeff Sessions as Attorney General
  • Steve Bannon as his chief strategist
  • Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education
  • Retired General Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser.

Hamill, a staunch Democrat, said unlike other celebrities, he has no intention of moving to Canada, saying it’s better to stay and fight for your causes than turn tail and run like a coward.

Sadly, most stars who vowed to leave the United States after Trump got elected aren’t budging.

“It’s tempting to say, ‘Well, I’m moving to Canada. I can’t stand it,’” Hamill said. “But in other ways, it’s a challenge to stay and defend your country and do what you think is right and not retreat and hide under the covers. It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure.”

Hamill is not a Trump supporter, but he has something in common with Trump loyalists who dislike Mitt Romney, who’s being considered for Secretary of State.

Even Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway is skeptical of Romney given his disloyalty and vicious character attacks on Trump.

Mark Hamill agreed retroactively, tweeting in 2012:

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