Turns out, Jill Stein doesn’t want Hillary’s help with the recount after all

Jill Stein’s quixotic attempts to demand and finance recounts in the key ‘blue wall’ states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan already have folks wondering what she’s really up to.

If it’s truly about making sure everyone’s voices are heard, why not demand recounts in states won by Clinton by much smaller margins? Like New Hampshire, where the margin was around 3,000 votes.


Yep, with the Clinton campaign now joining in the fun, some have even postulated that Stein and her Green Party might be somehow colluding with Hillary to take the ‘sore loser’ heat off her.

Hold your horses folks! As if this thing couldn’t possibly get any weirder, apparently Stein doesn’t want Hillary’s help after all.

Maybe because if by some miracle the recounts change the election results, then Hillary would win.

Does Stein really think she’s raising all that money to find the 3 million or so mystery votes it would take for the Green Party to take Pennsylvania?

Oh, and Stein also doesn’t want you to forget that she’s a Castro-loving communist, but that’s a whole other article…

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Scott Morefield


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