Could a Democrat become Secretary of State? Fox analyst lays out potential Trump cabinet picks

Employing a Glenn Beck-like chalk board, “Fox & Friends” broke down President-elect Donald Trump‘s choices to fill out his administration and suggested he may be considering a Democrat for secretary of state.

In laying out potential picks, Fox New contributor Tammy Bruce highlighted U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat representing Hawaii, as a possible selection for secretary of state. Gabbard is well known for her harsh criticism of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East.

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Gabbard challenged the party’s power structure as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee for favoring Hillary Clinton in the scheduling of primary debates — she supported Bernie Sanders and later resigned from the DNC to endorse the self-avowed democratic socialist.

The congresswoman was not the only Democrat name to come up. Bruce shared that a Libertarian could be selected as the next Treasury secretary.

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