Twitter explodes after comedian’s tweet invites terrorists to attack Trump properties

Patton Oswalt is a comedian best known for his longtime role as geeky sidekick Spence in “The King of Queens.” He also happens to be a raving liberal with a massive Twitter following.

The actor stepped into it big time Friday afternoon, however, when he decided the world, including apparently terrorists, needed to know that billionaire Donald Trump does indeed own multiple properties around the globe.

Read the tweet (now deleted, but screen-saved by a helpful user), and decide for yourself whether the raving liberal comedian was being raving liberal or comedic … or ironic, or horrified, or something…

Sound funny to you? It didn’t to these folks either…

Oops. Trying to atone as much as he could for a pretty stupid mistake, Oswalt deleted the tweet and began his litany of excuses.

So, should this go to the next level? You decide!

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Scott Morefield


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