While Obama gives Hillary-donating celebs medals, actor Gary Sinise spends Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

You would be hard-pressed to find an American who does more for the troops than actor Gary Sinise, the tireless advocate who, through the Gary Sinise Foundation, spends much of his time looking out for their interests.

Sinise spent his Thanksgiving at Kandahar Air Force Base in Afghanistan, serving Thanksgiving dinner to U.S. forces.

…you know, something presidents used to do in America, as one social media user noted.

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Not that President Barack Obama can be faulted, he had his plate full this week handing out Medal of Freedom awards to top-tier celebrity supporters like Ellen DeGeneres, Robert De Niro, Bill and Melinda Gates, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford and Bruce Springsteen, among others — collectively, the recipients have donated tens of thousands of dollars in support of Obama.

Sinise posted a photo of himself on social media serving up chow.

“An honor to serve Thanksgiving dinner to our Troops at Kandahar Air Force Base, Sending a special thank you to all who serve,” he wrote, before offering a Thanksgiving prayer.

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To be fair, the first family did help serve Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday at the Armed Services Retirement Home in Washington.

But Sinise went above and beyond that effort, and even though the actor does not seek attention for his efforts, the praise flowed freely on Twitter, to include repeated calls for President-elect Donald Trump to tap Sinise to head up the Dept. of Veterans Affairs:

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