Man takes victory lap too far, calls ‘Hillary B*tches’ out on a Delta flight in viral video

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If over the last year and a half you’ve experienced the scrutiny, the criticism, and the downright contempt from friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and even talking heads on TV for supporting Donald Trump for president, then perhaps you can identify with the desire to take a victory lap in the wake of the vindication provided by Trump’s historic victory.

But what one Trump-supporting Delta passenger did on a flight to Allentown, Pennsylvania, which was recorded by fellow passenger Emma Baum, likely took ‘rubbing it in’ a bit too far.

The video begins with the man trying to get passengers to talk about the election. “Really? Ain’t nobody gonna say no sh*t on this plane?” he asked while clapping his hands.

When someone told him they couldn’t hear what he was saying, he responded, “You can’t hear me? Donald Trump, baby!”

After pointing to a man and saying he knew what was up, he then asked if there were any Clinton supporters on the plane.

“We got some Hillary bitches on here? Come on, baby. Trump!”

In a phone call to MSNBC, Emma Baum told host Joy Reid that she heard the man, who was on the same row, talking about “making America great again,” so she asked him why he voted for Trump. He then told her he had something to say to everyone. When she told him she was going to video his statement, he said, “go ahead, video this, it is going to be viral!”

Baum then sent the video to Daily Beast contributing writer Yashar Ali, who posted it to Twitter.

The passenger, who is as yet unidentified, finished his thoughts by telling everyone that Trump was going to be president of every one of them and if they didn’t like it, “too bad.”

Ali received the following response from Delta when he asked why no action was taken during the flight.

Shout it to the rooftops if you must, post to Facebook and Twitter, heck, do your happy dance in the middle of a Target Black Friday crowd if you want, but the vast majority of us should agree that making it on a “viral” video because we called Clinton supporters “bitches” on a plane is a far cry from keeping it classy!

And haven’t we had enough of that sort of thing from the left?

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