White school girls forced to fend for themselves while being attacked by gang of black kids on city bus

A group of four white 15-year-old New York Catholic schoolgirls were attacked and left bruised and bloody on a city bus by a gang of black girls, while the bus driver did nothing, according to a recent report.

The girls were students at St. Catherine’s Academy in the Bronx, and the attack resulted in them being treated for their injuries at a hospital, the New York Post reported.

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The incident occurred Tuesday shortly after the girls boarded the bus to take them home from school. A member of a group of black boys on the bus remarked, “Oh, white girl got money!”

Shortly after that, the boys called some female friends who boarded the bus a few stops down the line, and they began attacking the girls.

The Post reported:

In an exclusive interview with The Post, two of the girls said the trouble began as soon as they boarded the bus to Throggs Neck — with the male riders leering at the 10th-graders and snapping their pictures.

One of the victims, who only wants to be identified by the initials LT because the attackers are still at large, said they were in their school uniforms when the young men tried chatting with them and then threatened to “piss on them.”


Then the boys began taunting them.

“Oh, you go to St. Catharine’s?” One of them asked. “What, do you have money? Go drink your coffee, white girl, and go shopping.”

After the boys called for re-enforcements, six to eight black girls boarded the bus and the attack began.

“All I remember is seeing the bus doors open and these girls have me by the ankles,” LT said. “One of the guys had me by my hair and punched me in the jaw.”

The driver then stopped the vehicle in the middle of the block and the gang scurried off with a backpack containing an iPad and cash.

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After the girls reported the incident to the police, they were taken to Jacobi Medical Center for treatment of their injuries.

The girls are represented by attorney Scott Seskin, who told the Post that the driver did nothing to assist them. He said he also wants the incident to be investigated as a racially motivated crime.

“I’m going to use whatever contacts I have, to have this investigated as a hate crime because of the language that was used that started the whole thing off,” said Seskin.

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