Protesters don communist garb, take to streets calling for dead cops days before police are ambushed

Protesters in Austin, Texas put on a reprehensible display of anti-Americanism while they called for the death of police officers.

The demonstrators, some dressed in red face masks that sported the old Soviet hammer and sickle symbol, chanted their joy in the deaths of police officers, while being flanked by police for their safety.

Laura Ingraham’s hilarious Thanksgiving joke won’t be told around Hillary Clinton’s table!

“What’s better than one dead cop?” “Two dead cops!” “What’s better than two dead cops?” “Three dead cops!” they chanted all the way until they hit 15, Blue Lives Matter reported.

This “protest” came days before Detective Benjamin Marconi was shot and killed while sitting in his car outside of the San Antonio Police Department, about 80 miles away from where this video was shot. Along with the murder of Detective Marconi, 3 other officers were shot within a 24 hour period. Officers were shot in St. Louis, Missouri; Gladstone, Missouri; and Sanibel, Florida.

Social media let them have it.

Excellent question.

It was hardly the first time liberals chanted for the death of cops.

Ferguson protesters captured on video chanting for officer’s death.

Video: Protesters sing ‘deck the halls with rows of dead cops’ as tempers RAGE at road block.

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