Obama admin reportedly accepting refugees from ‘terror states’ already rejected by Australia

In yet a further indication that President Obama has little interest in vetting immigrants coming from war-torn areas of the Middle East, the administration is about to grant entry to thousands of refugees that have already been rejected by Australia.

This comes from a report issued by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, who indicated that the countries they are fleeing from include Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan.

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“This situation is concerning for many reasons…your departments negotiated an international agreement regarding refugees without consulting or notifying Congress. Such information was not disclosed to Congress during the annual refugee consultation that occurred on September 13, 2016, even though your staff confirmed that the agreement had, at the time, been negotiated ‘for months,'” the Iowa Republican wrote Secretary of State John Kerry and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Tuesday afternoon.

“The individuals who will be resettled are coming from countries of national security concern. In fact, two of the countries are officially designated by the State Department to be State Sponsors of Terrorism.”

Then Grassley addressed the ultimate concern: Why are we admitting to American shores refugees who have already been rejected by our allies?

“Finally, it begs the question why Australia and other countries refuse to admit these individuals, what other countries are doing to help alleviate the situation, what kind of precedent this sets for future refugees interdicted at sea by Australian forces and prevented from entering Australia, and how a similar situation will be prevented in the future,” Grassley continued.

The letter was co-signed by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

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In a press release published the same day as the letter, Grassley indicated that the two chairman requested “a copy of the agreement and a classified briefing to gain a better understanding of the unilateral international refugee agreement that the Administration negotiated without Congressional consultation.”

In August, Obama announced that his stated goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees had been met.

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