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Bravo, Jimmy Kimmel! Here’s the first-ever politically correct Thanksgiving pageant

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On Monday night’s show, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel hosted “the first-ever politically correct Thanksgiving pageant.”

“We thought it might be a good idea to update the story of Thanksgiving to reflect our modern sensitivities,” the late night talk show host said.

Featuring students from Edward James Olmos Elementary School — yes, the actor of “Miami Vice” fame — the skit depicts the very first Thanksgiving celebration between pilgrims and Native Americans under today’s politically correct standards.

Hamilton star who lectured Mike Pence has just been dealt the ultimate dose of karma; time to rethink that apology!

The young girl narrating the pageant lets you know what lies in store when she cautioned, “Please, don’t applaud! It’s insensitive to people with no arms!”

From giving thanks to a “generic higher power who we choose to believe in or not believe in,” to indulging in “Tofurky,” it’s a Thanksgiving liberals are sure to love.

Tom Tillison


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