Robert De Niro gets a medal from Obama and suddenly doesn’t want to punch Trump in the face anymore

Actor Robert De Niro appeared to be softening to President-elect Donald Trump after leveling violent, hate-filled rants against him during the campaign.

“I would only say that we’re all hoping, waiting and hoping, that he will lead the country in a way that’ll benefit everyone and benefit our neighbors around the world,” De Niro told ITK on Tuesday, according to The Hill.

“That’s all,”he said. “We’re waiting and hoping, and we’ll see.”

Quite a different tune from the 73-year-old actor who last month said Trump “is a punk. He’s a dog. He’s a con, a bullshit artist who doesn’t know what he is talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care.” De Niro even admitted he would ” like to punch him in the face.”

The Academy Award winner was one of several people to receive the country’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House on Tuesday.

The “punch” comment, made in a video released during the election campaign, was “more symbolic,” De Niro told reporters, according to the Hill.

After he said the things that he said, anybody would want to punch him in the face,” De Niro said. “Many people told me ‘You said what I’d want to say.’ It’s just unacceptable to say those things in the situations that he said them in.”

“Now he’s president-elect and I just want to see what he’s going to do,” he added.

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