Hamilton star who lectured Mike Pence has just been dealt the ultimate dose of karma; time to rethink that apology!

Stage actor Brandon Victor Dixon may be rethinking whether he owes Vice President-elect Mike Pence an apology.

Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr in the Broadway musical “Hamilton” read a statement from the stage during a performance last week, lecturing Pence who was met with jeers from the audience when he and his family attended the show.

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Unfortunately, the actor seemed to forget his own past, which was summarily revisited in tweets he had posted in past years, according to Fox News.

In 2012, he shared this tweet:

Dixon referred to a “jump off,” a casual sexual encounter, in re-tweet from 2013, Fox reported.

And another 2013 post:

“It’s certainly hypocritical for Mr. Dixon to adopt the persona of a concerned civil rights statesman and dress-down Pence in a public theater, and then use that kind of language on social media,” marketing expert and celebrity publicist, Scott Pinsker told Fox News.  “It reeks of phoniness.”

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“That’s one of the dangers of celebrities who use social media, many of us have multiple sides to our personality, and there are unintended consequences to angry, divisive language,” Pinsker said. “It can cost you the moral high ground, and make you look like an oblivious, self-aggrandizing hypocrite.”

“Wow. When you decide to give a public lecture to the VP-elect, everything you have said now becomes public knowledge,” actor Dean Cain remarked, according to Fox.

Twitter users were appalled by Dixon’s past social media behavior and condemned the hypocrisy in tweets of their own.

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