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Gigi Hadid apologizes in a handwritten note for mocking Melania Trump; guess who’s not buying it?

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid appears to be having some regrets.

But, the American people are not buying it.

It was only about 5 minutes into the American Music Awards show Sunday night when the celebs couldn’t hold in their Trump disdain one minute longer. In an effort to mock the president-elect and the soon to be first lady, show host Hadid  did an unflattering impression of Melania Trump.

Trump-hate started 5 min. into American Music Awards; ‘racist’ Melania impression was lowest moment

Trump supporters and normal people everywhere who just wanted one night free from polarized politicking were quick on social media to condemn the poorly scripted bit.

After a slew of backlash poured in, Hadid changed her tune and took to Twitter Monday night to apologize with a handwritten note. Hadid explained that the bit was all in good fun, and not meant to be malicious.

Unfortunately for Hadid, she set up the “joke” at the AMA’s by taking a sour grapes jab at the Electoral College which exposed the bitter underbelly of her true intentions. In other words, folks weren’t buying her handwritten excuse.

The fact that liberal Hollywood, politicians and professors have pushed the PC doctrine upon all but themselves left folks just as infuriated as the “joke” itself.

It’s not only glaring, it’s becoming clear Americans have had enough.

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