Conservative reporter hilariously reveals what really goes down at a topless Trump protest

What better way to voice heartfelt grievances than to walk the streets half naked.

A bunch of angry “feminists” thought they’d hit the NYC streets to purge their Trump rage, and strut their stuff at the same time.

Thankfully, conservative reporter with impeccable comedic timing Katherine Timpf was on the case. And if anyone could get to the bottom of why exactly women would choose this way to protest, it would be her.

And it is hilarious.

“So, I thought, what would really grab the public’s attention…” a protester started to say.

“Boobs,” Timpf flatly interrputed.

Unfazed the topless woman agreed, and went on to talk about other body parts dedicated to Hillary.

Because nothing says “take me seriously” like naked body parts.

Timpf dared to venture further into the protest and came back with some more revealing commentary.

Not surprsiningly, most people on the street agreed with Timpf, saying boobs were not going to sway anyone’s opinion.

Heads perhaps, but not minds.


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