MSNBC contributor warns Trump’s new AG choice may bring civil rights cases on behalf of white people

To hear former federal prosecutor Paul Butler tell it, one might get the impression that courts exist only to dispense justice on behalf of minorities.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” Sunday, Butler expressed discontent with President-elect Donald Trump’s selection for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, insisting the Alabama Republican would undo social justice gains made by a President Barack Obama-led Justice Department.

“All of these progressive interventions for civil rights, they would be not only dead on arrival,” he insisted, before going on to say that Sessions “would take us back.”

“Because one thing we’ve seen with other conservative administrations is not only do they stop bringing the cases, they start bringing civil rights cases on behalf of white people,” Butler told host Al Sharpton.

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“They start saying things like affirmative action […] are unconstitutional,” he added.

Characterizing the Alabama Republican as a “radical extremist,” Butler pointed to the U.S. Supreme Court under Trump.

“Guess what, if Trump gets his way with the Supreme Court,” the former prosecutor cried, “they’re gonna win those arguments.”

“We’re talking about a radical extremist here who’d be in charge of protecting everybody’s civil rights,” he continued. “He hasn’t shown any evidence that he’s capable of doing that.”

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