Donald Trump impersonator reveals what he knew that the rest of us didn’t and why he needs security

A prominent Donald Trump impersonator has had to hire “Secret Service” style security because of the anger directed at him following Trump’s election as president.

John Di Domenico, who has made numerous appearances on Fox News as the president-elect and gets $10,000 per private event, has been doing his Trump impression for 12 years, but things changed after the election.

Di Domenico has hired two bodyguards because of the vitriol directed at him in the aftermath of the hotly contested battle for the White House, the New York Post reported.

But the wily impressionist has them dress as Secret Service agents and has incorporated them into his show.

The veteran performer told the Post that his bookings were through the roof during the primary and general election season but are starting to taper off now that Trump has won the job.

“It was really off the charts on the run-up but now that he’s elected it’s like, OK, he’s not going anywhere,” the Las Vegas entertainer said.

“There was this frenzy to book me, especially these last few months. A lot of people thought he wasn’t going to become President,” he added.

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But Di Domenico knew something the pollsters didn’t. He was hearing from the people and he believed Trump had the support to win.

“Literally hundreds of times I’ve had people whisper in my ears “my kid hates you but I’m voting for you,’” he told the Post. “My wife doesn’t know it but I’m voting for you.”

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