Is this the new Twitter? ‘Gab’ rises as alternative site following purge of ‘controversial’ users

Following Donald Trump’s presidential election Twitter has moved to purge its ranks of what it deems to be alt-right users, but those tweeters are flocking to a new service.

One of the most notable accounts removed from the social media service is that of Richard Spencer, the director and president of the National Policy Institute.

The move came months after the suspension of another well-known alt-right commentator, Breitbart News’ Milo Yiannopoulos.

Both had verified accounts.

But now they and others have a new website on which to espouse their views and it’s called Gab.

Andrew Torba told Fast Company that he decided to start Gab earlier this year when some Facebook employees said the website was actively suppressing conservative leaning news stories.

“I knew I had to take action,” Torba said.

His website’s tagline: “Free speech for everyone.”

Currently, Gab is in BETA but has over 56,000 users and more than 120,000 on a waiting list.

Torba said the site’s busiest day for new requests was Tuesday and he believes it has to do with the social media crackdown on what it called fake news and alt-right opinions that followed Trump’s election.

Torba doesn’t want the website to only be a place for the alt-right movement. He wants to expand and have the company compete with the social media giants.

But it probably won’t be an environment for the easily offended as he said he doesn’t believe it is a social media company’s place to decide what is harassing or hateful speech.

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