‘I can’t suck up to you properly . . .’ Shep Smith and Chris Wallace have the most uncomfortable on-air chat about ChapStick

“Uncomfortable” is an understatement.

Shepard Smith must really like ChapStick. A lot.

When the Fox News anchor retrieved his dropped tube of lip wax on the air during Election Day coverage, Chris Wallace told him he had a “fetish.”

That television moment was noted by the maker of ChapStick, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, which sent Smith a package full of the lip balm.

“Guess what came in the mail today,” Smith asked Wallace on Friday during Fox News’ “Shepard Smith Reporting.”

“Do you think any normal person, Shep, would be that excited about getting ChapStick?” an amused Wallace replied.

“I can’t suck up to you properly without the ChapStick, Chris,” Smith said.

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