New ‘economic terrorism’ bill would nab mobs disrupting businesses and donors who fund them

Protesters who block roads and prevent people from participating in commerce may soon be charged as economic terrorists in Washington.

Washington state Sen. Doug Ericksen proposed a bill this week that would make participating in a protest that causes “economic disruption” or “jeopardize human life and property,” like the anti-Donald Trump riots, a class C felony, The Hill reported.

And it isn’t only the protesters the bill would target.

It would also focus on the “people who fund them. Wealthy donors should not feel safe in disrupting middle-class jobs,” Ericksen told The Hill.

The ACLU of Washington said that it was “already concerned that some of its loose terms appear to be targeting civil disobedience as ‘terrorism.’”

“They use the example of the civil rights movement in the South and the lunch counters. Under my legislation I encourage that. People should go and protest in the way they did in the South at the lunch counter. They’re not harming people. They’re exercising their civil rights in that situation,” Erickson told Fox And Friends on Saturday. “But what they’re doing in Washington state now is taking it too far.

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