‘Make the NRA regret giving us the right to bear arms’: Inflammatory challenge issued to fellow anti-Trump students

Is he threatening to kill Trump supporters?

During an anti-Trump demonstration at Northeastern University, which approximately 100 students attended according to Huntington News, students got to voice their concerns about the impending Trump Presidency.

The rally’s flier presents the event as “Students Against Trump – By Any Means Necessary,” a place for students from “marginalized backgrounds” to discuss “the first steps to change.”

NU Students Against Institutional Discrimination Coalition
NU Students Against Institutional Discrimination Coalition

The flier reads:

Students on campus father together to protest the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. As students from marginalized backgrounds, inclusive of those who are immigrants, Black, Latinx, Muslim, LGBTQIA identifying, disabled, this rally serves as a space of discussion, solidarity, and speak out on experiences as the first steps of change.

The bottom of the flier was emblazoned with the hashtag “#NotOurPresident.”

The most interesting speech at the rally was given by a student named Towsif Ahasan who, among other things, “encouraged the crowd to stop Trump by any means” and challenged the group to go out and buy guns, according to Huntington News.

“Exercise your Second Amendment right. Let’s make the NRA regret giving us the right to bear arms.”

It’s worth pointing out that the National Rifle Association did not “give us” the right to bear arms. That inalienable right was handed down to us by God, and is protected by the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Maybe Ahasan should take a history class while he’s at that college.

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Worth noting is the fact that this sounds an awful lot like a threat. While he didn’t explicitly call for violence, the phrasing of his statement “[l]et’s make the NRA regret giving us the right to bear arms” doesn’t exactly inspire warm and fuzzy feelings.

Seems like the NU campus is going to be a “sanctuary” for everyone except Trump supporters . . . because “tolerance.”

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