Lindsay Lohan’s dad, rehab expert has a message for Trump: ‘I want to help you stop drug abuse!’


Television personality, entrepreneur, and drug addiction rehabilitation advocate Michael Lohan is urging Donald Trump to include in his domestic policy initiatives a focus on drug abuse intervention and recovery programs at a national scale.

And he’s willing to serve on the transition team or in any capacity to make a difference.

On talk radio’s Tom Anderson Show, Lohan discussed his daughter Lindsay’s involvement, or lack thereof, in the presidential election, despite President-Elect Trump’s debaucherous comments about the young female actress in a 2004 interview with Howard Stern.

“When it came to Lindsay, she kind of stayed out of this in the media circles and social media stuff,” said Lohan. “But although we’re talking about Hollywood being liberal and being to the left, I think it’s political and they’re afraid to take a side, or they just want to stay out of the mix.”

Lohan added “Look, when Donald Trump made a remark about my daughter on Facebook, I kind of – it was a knee-jerk reaction with me and I was like ‘Really? You really want to bring Lindsay into this when she hasn’t formed any opinion at all?”

When Host Anderson pressed on Lohan’s support of Trump, Lohan admitted that Trump can make a big difference in curbing and reducing the drug abuse and overdoses occurring in the nation.

“Before Donald won the campaign I actually called one of his attorneys, that’s an in-house attorney; his name is Michael Cohen. You might have seen him actually speak. Michael’s a very good friend of mine and he’s been great with my family, I’ve known him for a long time. And I said to Michael: ‘Mike, please, regardless of whether he wins or not, we have to do something about this drug epidemic in the country’ and he said ‘Michael, if he wins we will talk about it. Let’s just get past this election first.’ ”

Lohan noted President-Elect Trump’s family is a victim of alcohol abuse and likely has empathy for the problem. “And Donald has a heart for that, you know.” said Lohan. “He (Trump) went through this with his brother. He said it publicly, with his brother Fred, and you know – he’s all for trying to do something about the addiction problems.”

When asked by Anderson if he’s willing to serve on a Trump transition team specifically addressing addiction programs and policy, Lohan was resolute. “I would dedicate most, if not all of my time to doing that because when you’re at that level – at the governmental level, and you really have that kind of force behind you, you can really make a difference.”

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