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Video shows Starbucks baristas refusing to write ‘Trump’ on man’s cup, but they do call cops on him instead

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A customer at a Florida Starbucks was stunned when baristas called the police on him because he wanted the name “Trump” written on his cup.

A video of the incident, posted a day before Donald Trump’s election as president, has now gone viral. The video showed the millennial manager and employees definitely refusing to write the name and calling the cops.

“That’s the name I want to be heard and seen as today,” the customer said. “And you’re refusing to do that?”

“Yeah,” the manager, Ryan, replied. “And we’re calling the cops.”

Social media found it both hilarious and pathetic.

You can pretty much come in as Sue and ask that John be put on the cup, and that’d be more than OK. But, Trump? That’s an issue. Except for this guy…

Kuddos. But maybe it’s better to save your time, and your money.

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