Student protesting for a ‘sanctuary campus’ admits she didn’t vote because she was ‘disillusioned’

First they riot against our more than 200-year history of the peaceful transfer of power, but now we find that at least some of them didn’t even bother to vote in the first place.

Fox News took its cameras to Rutgers University in New Jersey to ask students protesting for “sanctuary campusus” what their problem was. And at least one of them admitted she didn’t even bother to vote, Fox Insider reported.

The student in question told the Fox News interview team, “I didn’t even vote because I was so disillusioned.” But she called Donald Trump’s victory a “wake-up call” to young people.

Indeed, this young woman would not be the only one. While 55 percent of those under 30 did vote for Clinton (37 percent voted Trump), that was down from the 60 percent that supported Obama, according to The Atlantic.

But, worse for the Democrats, this election saw a growing number of the under 30 vote going to third parties or not voting at all, a study by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement found.

If this trend continues, the Democrat Party is in a bad spot for the future.

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