No thanks! Bernie Sanders declines open Senate position to join Democrat Party

Despite coming so close to winning the Democrat nomination for president, self-avowed socialist and registered Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has once again turned down the offer of officially joining the Democrat Party.

Because so many millions of voters turned out for him during the late primaries, Sanders was appointed a spot on the Democrat leadership team in the Senate.

“I was elected as an Independent and I will finish this term as an Independent,” Sanders said at an event sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, The Hill reported.

The move once again annoyed a Party trying to get Sanders and his recalcitrant followers to merge with the Democrats.

But the Senator is still unsure just how he will mesh with the Democrat leadership in his new role as part of their team saying that the “real action to transform America” won’t be done in Washington, but will instead be done at the grassroots level out in the country.

But Sanders echoed the problem that Democrats hoped he would help them with, namely that young people don’t automatically see the Democrats as their political home.

“I initially understand my role to be to get those people into the political process to demand the U.S. Congress and government and president represent all of the people and not just those on top. I’m excited about it, but how we go about it, I don’t know,” Sanders noted.

“Why is it that tens of millions of poor people, young people and working people don’t get involved in the political process?” he asked rhetorically. “One of the goals is to bring people into politics and make them aware it’s not just Election Day, but the other 364 days of the year are also important.”

But if other notables like Actress Susan Sarandon has their way, young people will shed the Democrat Party and join the Green Party.

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