Denial? Obama gives his take on the percentage of policies he thinks will be rolled back under Trump

Maybe President Obama is in denial about a Donald Trump presidency.

The out-going president thinks so highly of his legacy that he believes Trump’s administration will only be able to roll back about 15 to 20 percent of his policies.

“Think about how hard we worked over the last eight years with a very clear progressive agenda, with a majority in the House and in the Senate, and we accomplished as much domestically as any President since Lyndon Johnson in those first two years,” Obama told The New Yorker.

He believes he accomplished “seventy or seventy-five per cent” of what he set out to do, adding that “maybe 15 percent of that gets rolled back, 20 percent, but there’s still a lot of stuff that sticks.”

He elaborated on some of his agenda, including his signature policy, the Affordable Care Act.

“That has been a unifying bogeyman for Republicans over the course of the last six years,” Obama said. “In the minds of a lot of the Republican base, it is an example of a big government program designed to take something from them and give it to someone else who is unworthy.”

Yet if Republicans “tinker and modify but still maintain a commitment to provide health insurance for the people who received it,” he said, “then a whole bunch of stuff hasn’t gone out the window.”

Obama believes there is “proof” that the controversial Iran nuclear agreement is working.

“We actually have over a year of proof, and you’ve got the Israeli military and intelligence community acknowledging that, in fact, it has worked,” he said.

“So, given that proof, I don’t think that it is inconceivable that Republican leaders look and they say, ‘This thing worked. Obama is no longer in office. This is not something that our base is hankering to undo, and we may quietly leave it in place,'” he added.

In another stunning show of denial, or a lack of self-awareness, Obama refuted the idea that Hillary Clinton’s loss was not a message to him about the last eight years of administration.

“Some of this is really simple and it’s the thing that Mitch McConnell figured out on Day One of my Presidency,” he said, “which is people aren’t paying that close attention to how Washington works.”

Obama’s belief that Republicans will retain 80 percent of a failed agenda that has been rejected by many voters led to a collective head-shaking by Twitter users.

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