Susan Sarandon lands whopping zinger on actress who tried to hold her ‘accountable’ for Hillary’s loss

Hollywood liberals are turning on each other, and it would be funny if it weren’t so tragically absurd.

Actress Debra Messing blamed Susan Sarandon for Hillary Clinton’s loss, saying her decision to support Green Party candidate Jill Stein tipped the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

Debra Messing blamed Susan Sarandon for Hillary’s loss to Trump. (screenshots)

Sarandon had vocally supported Bernie Sanders during the primaries, and refused to support Clinton, saying the former Secretary of State accepted donations from foreign governments and waffled on supporting a $15 minimum wage.

Messing went off on an unhinged Twitter rant, saying Sarandon should now be “held accountable” for Clinton’s defeat and for suggesting the country give our newly-elected president a chance.

Some Twitter fans immediately slammed Messing, saying her suggestion that Sarandon be “held accountable” sounded deranged, fascist and intolerant.

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Messing then backpedaled, but continued to rail against Sarandon for not supporting Clinton.

“I loathe ppl who act recklessly & r self satisfied while ppl hurt,” Messing tweeted with ironic deflection.

In the end, Sarandon body-slammed Messing on Twitter by pointing out that most of Hollywood had rallied for Clinton and she still lost.

“To all those who find blaming me less painful than introspection, never knew I was this powerful,” Sarandon tweeted.

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