Houston Texans players warned to not leave Mexico City hotel, room service not safe either

In the latest NFL game to be played in a foreign country, the Houston Texans will be going up against the Oakland Raiders in Mexico City on Monday night and the endeavor is fraught with more risk than might be expected.

…at least, according to a memo Houston players received from the team.

The Texans reportedly advised players not to leave the hotel and not to order room service while staying in Mexico City.

More from KHOU 11:

The Associated Press obtained a memo distributed to the team on Wednesday that included a page of information concerning the trip to Mexico, including those two rules.

A section of the memo under the heading “safety” had a bullet point with: “DO NOT leave the hotel.” It was followed by a line advising players to leave all “expensive jewelry at home,” not to bring large sums of money and not to use ATMs.

A second section titled “health and performance” has basic tips like drinking only bottled water and avoiding the consumption of ice. It also warned: “Eat all meals in the meal room. DO NOT order room service” and “DO NOT eat outside of the team meal room.”


The concerns about room service may center on reports that meat products in Mexico could include clenbuteral, a banned steroid in the NFL, the CBS affiliate noted.

For what it’s worth, business executives traveling to Mexico often receive similar warnings about leaving the hotel.

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