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Hollywood actor gets humiliating wake-up call about REAL life soldiers after whining about Steve Bannon

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When another liberal Hollywood actor spouted off about Donald Trump and his appointment of Steve Bannon, he was quickly blasted for his clueless remarks.

Adam Goldberg filmed himself leaving a voicemail message on Wednesday for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about Bannon, the Trump administration’s newly named White House Chief Strategist. Like many smug Hollywood liberals, Goldberg made sure to make mention of his own acting in his role as a Jewish soldier in the film “Saving Private Ryan.”

Goldberg even thanked fellow leftist Lena Dunham for the idea to make the call.

But for Ezra Levant, Canadian TV host and conservative political activist, soldier credentials gained on a movie screen can’t touch the reality of a real veteran’s service to his country. He summarily blasted the actor for his ignorance.

Goldberg fired back at Levant but, unfortunately for him, still seemed clueless.


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