Hex on Hillary? Texas Gov. swears he was only joking with ‘jinxed’ tweet, but then again …

There has been a lot of finger-pointing after Donald Trump’s amazing election win with liberals accusing each other of dropping the ball for Hillary Clinton. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ready to take all the blame after he re-discovered a Tweet he made months before the final vote.

Back in October, Abbott took to Twitter to jokingly “call the election” for Hillary Clinton. But he wasn’t hoping for a Hillary win. In fact, his faux congratulations was an attempt to “jinx” Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.

Now, of course, we know what the actual outcome turned out to be. Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College vote leaving Clinton far behind and winning the presidency.

But after the election, Governor Abbott remembered his “jinx” tweet and reminded his fans of his original message. In his new tweet he was seen joking that he is the one responsible for dooming Clinton’s chances of becoming president.

The jinx was in!

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