Poor ol’ Bernie Sanders is ‘deeply humiliated’ that Trump beat the Democrats at their own game

Oh Bernie, if it weren’t for that tired, failed Socialist ideology, you could be on to something.

Former Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders vented his frustration with the Democrat Party Monday morning. Sanders took to Twitter to slam Democrats for completely ignoring America’s white working class.

As anyone who follows politics could imagine, Bernie’s beef didn’t sit well with many, and the scathing reactions piled in. And the fact that Sanders specifically mentioned “white” working class brought out the dividers who in order to sustain their level of outrage desperately need to believe it means he doesn’t care about anyone else.


And there was plenty of reaction from those who pointed out that Sanders isn’t a typical member of the Democrat Party.

Because Bernie dared to voice support for a demographic that isn’t politically correct to even acknowledge, disgruntled voters accused him of aligning with Trump.

It looks like rank and file Dems have learned nothing from the election.

H/T: Twitchy.com


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