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He’s back! Donald Trump to reinstall Churchill statue that Obama booted out of the White House

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churchillIt looks like President-elect Donald Trump is excited about the idea of reinstalling a Winston Churchill statue to a prominent place in the White House.

Barack Obama had said on camera that he removed the statue his predecessor had of the World War II hero because it was too much “clutter” in the Oval Office.

That was the excuse Obama used to replace Churchill with Dr. Martin Luther King.

According to British Brexit leader Nigel Farage, President-elect Donald Trump feels there will be enough room for both.

“We talked about the prospect of the United Kingdom being at the front of the queue, all of which was met positively,” Farage told the UK Express.

Farage was referencing Obama’s remark when he scolded Britain for their vote to leave the EU and said the country would be moved to the “back of the queue” for trade talks.

Not only does Trump appear to want to restore the relationship with one of America’s greatest allies, but he wants to preserve our shared history as well.

“At the end of our time with Trump we asked him if the bust of Sir Winston Churchill that Obama had removed from the Oval Office could be put back in its rightful place,” Farage said.

“He enthusiastically thought that was a good idea. Need I say more?”

No need to say more when Churchill said it all in his famous quote about the inherent and dangerous flaws of socialism.

Despite Obama’s recorded confession, conflicting reports claim Obama only returned a loaner given to George W. Bush and reportedly kept a bust of Churchill located in a hall on the second floor in private quarters. Either way, it’s not exactly a place where many believe a hero of the free-world belongs.

Churchill’s words and memory couldn’t come at a more crucial time for a country on the brink of disaster.

Welcome back to your rightful place, Sir Winston Churchill.


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