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Bygones? Newt Gingrich returns to Megyn Kelly’s show for first time after ‘fascinated with sex’ fight

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Newt Gingrich slammed critics of Donald Trump’s picks for White House staff on a return appearance on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show.

Gingrich last spoke on air with Kelly before the election, unleashing an epic scolding of what he called her “inflammatory” language and accusing her of being “fascinated with sex.”

Monday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” did not feature any friction like the show in October and neither Gingrich nor Kelly made any mention of his last appearance. The former Republican speaker of the House did, however, have some words for critics of Trump’s choices for top positions in his administration.

Gingrich weighed in on the selection of former head of Breitbart News and chief executive of Trump’s campaign, Steve Bannon, for the position of chief strategist and senior counselor, noting that Bannon is a “very serious guy” and the president-elect made a “very smart” move in his choice.

Gingrich also discussed cabinet positions for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Jeff Sessions, whom he described as the two closest surrogates to Trump throughout the campaign. “If Rudy wants it, he’ll get it,” Gingrich said of Giuliani’s possible pick as secretary of state.

“He’s already known worldwide. He’s a great manager. He would do a lot both to represent America,” Gingrich said, “and to reform the State Department.” He added that he would be “very enthusiastic” with whatever position Trump and Sessions agreed on.

The 73-year-old Republican leader gave Kelly some insight into his own role in the new Trump administration.

“I want to be the general planner looking out over the next eight years in trying to design how we fundamentally reshape the federal government,” he said.

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