Sean Hannity gives a hearty ‘AMEN’ to the suggestion CNN should be denied WH press credentials

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A steel cage match in the making…

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a prolific tweeter, got into a social media brouhaha late Sunday with CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter and it got ugly in a hurry.

Hannity also expressed support for a user suggesting that the Trump administration should deny the network White House media credentials.

…and he called Stelter a “FNC stalker,” among other things.

Twitter user J.R. McClaren tweeted that CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post and others “shown to have colluded by @wikileaks should not receive WH press credentials.”

Hannity replied to the idea with a hearty “Amen.”


Stelter then responded to Hannity’s endorsement with: “Today in crazy”…


As for the inevitable comparison to his own favorable actions toward Trump during the campaign, the Fox News host tweeted this response to another social media user:

The dust up carried over to Tuesday, with Hannity responding to Stelter calling him out by questioning whether CNN colluded with the Clinton campaign:



He also offered his own brand of logic about White House press credentials:

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